Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

Wednesday, 27 February, 2008

I found another alliteration for the title, but the fact remains it is that time of the week where I show you a quote relating to the world of human enhancement technology, ethics and politics.

This week’s quote is from a more obscure source than last week‘s, but I picked it because it is so good that I don’t even have to say anything else about it (other than reference the document in which the British-Australian bioethicist speaks so wisely). Here it is:

“Indeed, all we can do in the world as it is to try to make our and our children’s lives go well, because we are not gods and we cannot control the future. Far from playing God, attempting to control our genetic fate is ‘‘playing human’’—trying to improve the odds of doing well in an uncertain world of difficulty, threat and misfortune. Throwing up our hands and giving in to a sticky fate is hardly an admirable human trait, although some contemporary bioethicists seem paradoxically to extol it as virtue. I want to be the kind of human who lives longer and better, not shorter and badly.” – Julian Savulescu, “In defence of Procreative BeneficenceJournal of Medical Ethics 33(5): p284 (2007)


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