Ron M. Green in the Washington Post

Saturday, 12 April, 2008

Ronald M. Green, the author of Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice has a piece in the Washington Post called Building Baby From the Genes Up. Like the book, it’s written from a fair and unbiased view that sits partway in the middle of “bio-Luddite” and “transhumanist” (though perhaps leaning towards the latter in parts). Here is an excerpt:

“But why should we think that the human genome is a once-and-for-all-finished, untamperable product? All of the biblically derived faiths permit human beings to improve on nature using technology, from agriculture to aviation. Why not improve our genome? I have no doubt that most people considering these questions for the first time are certain that human genetic improvement is a bad idea, but I’d like to shake up that certainty.”

Read it in full here.


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