We’re in the game!

Thursday, 18 September, 2008

Australia is now in the human cloning business. Therapeutic cloning, that is. Researchers working with Sydney IVF have received this country’s first license to clone human embryos. Sure, they could go to prison if they let the embryos pass the blastocyst stage, but it’s progress nonetheless.

As a comparison, Britain allowed the first group to create human clones in 2004, and in the US private companies have always been allowed to create human clones for therapeutic purposes, and did so first in 2001. So we’re a little way behind, but one never knows where the breakthroughs will occur.

Oi oi oi, Aussie Aussie Aussie!



  1. Awesome. Are they attempting to achieve anything specific or will they be studying and letting the breakthroughs come as they will?

  2. I think they’re just trying to do what Hwang Woo-Suk claimed that he had done (but hadn’t) – get functioning stem cells from cloned embryos.

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