Basic body modifications for modern life

Monday, 27 October, 2008

Marcia Nolte has a gallery, named Corpus 2.0, featuring photographs of people digitally enhanced with what could one day be real morpholigical enhancements. In addition to the above picture of high-heeled feet (which I would have done by extending the calcaneus through the skin like an antler, to make a stilleto-like heel, thus preserving the overall shape of the foot), the enhancements include:

Noseslope: is the adaption by wearing glasses. If design will react on this, new forms of glasses can exist

Shoulderholder: Shows the possibilities of wireless technology and being mobile. Since then we can do a lot of things at the same time, for example calling and driving at the same time. The shoulderholder will work as a third hand.

Headphone-ear: Maybe there will be only one form of the headphone on the market. For people who want to be connected with music all day, the ear will adapt to its form.

High-heel foot: Also way of living is getting in to our body. With these feet a women can feel confident all day.

Smokinghole: Smokers will get this hole in their mouth because it is their friend. Since it is a problem of society, smokers can recognize each other and feel kind of connected.

Touch-it thumb: It’s about technology which is concentrated on the thumb, like text messaging, car-keys, television, computer games. It is already said that in three generations the thumb will be bigger and stronger.

Some of these modifications seem a little redundant or inefficient. Why bother with high-heels, which are a primitive way of adjusting leg length to a more attractive proportion, if you can control how long your legs are to begin with? Why not just modify your eyesight back to perfection (or better) instead of worrying about making a ridge to hold your glasses? And the modification to one’s ears for headphones could be adapted into one for a bluetooth headset, making the shoulder modifications redundant. And smoking doesn’t seem like an enhancement to me – more like an impairment.

[hat tip to io9 vis Dezeen]


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